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Try to use Kinect with Unity 5

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During Global Developer Conference there were many announcements like Unity 5 availability for free. Of course, Unity has been offering a free version of the editor for many years but it was an editor without many important features. For example it was not possible to use external libraries in free version of the editor. It was the main stopper for many educational projects like projects related to Kinect. From one side we have a very cool solution like Kinect, which researches can use in many interesting projects but from other side, it’s very hard to develop something using DirectX directly. Unity might save the situation but Kinect SDK worked with Pro version only.

But Unity decided to change business model and announced that since Unity 5 there is Personal Edition, which contains all features.


Of course, I decided to return to my projects with Kinect and tried to rebuild some of them using the Unity 5 Personal. And there is great news – everything works fine! So the last stopper was broken and today you can try to use Kinect and Unity for free.

If you are interested in the topic I would recommend to use my previous article about Kinect as an instruction how to start.


Written by Sergiy Baydachnyy

03/11/2015 at 6:11 AM

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